Home Staging Estimation

The Home Staging Appointment is the first step for setting a home staging plan in motion for each home. Call us to schedule an appointment, we will evaluate every aspect of your home inside and out, at the site of the for-sale property. Home stager will discuss and offer the best strategy for attracting buyers. This appointment is Free of Charge. No Obligations. 

The Home Staging Consultation for DIY Clients

If our "do-it-yourself" clients feel that they have the time and the skills to manage staging on their own. Our home staging consultant will suggest the best techniques to stage the property for sale. We will then provide you with detailed recommendations for de-cluttering,  de-personalizing, cleaning, repairs, upgrades, interior color paint, focal points, furniture placement, lighting, bedding and wall art, as well as important curb appeal elements like landscaping and exterior considerations.  

Occupied Homes


The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different things. As soon as your home goes on the market, it is now a product. When a home is cluttered, busy or lacks flow, it is difficult for a buyer to picture themselves living in the space. Your home needs to become a marketable space, which means depersonalizing while keeping it warm and inviting. 

Once we have had an opportunity to visit your home and evaluate your existing furnishings, we can recommend how to employ them to their best advantage. We will refine and enhance your property with additional furnishings, accessories and artwork from our own  inventory . We can also provide many other services or recommendations in order to assist you in preparing your home for sale.


Vacant Properties


Vacant homes do not show well, they are cold and uninviting and only furnishing and staging the home will create warmth and that “HOME” feeling that buyers are looking for. 


We will work with you to decide what best suits your situation and will evaluate the home to determine which rooms will most benefit from staging. We coordinate with our furniture rental partners to select the perfect pieces to showcase your home. Our team will insure smooth furniture delivery, furniture placement and pick-up. Clients will complete the rental agreement and pay for rental furniture prior to delivery.


Our selected furniture and accessories will highlight the home’s best features adding maximum visual appeal so the home photographs beautifully and creates emotional appeal for buyers.



Home Staging for Living

Whether you are moving in a new house and need help in furniture placement and personalizing it for living in comfort or you have likely collected a number of items over the years that are no longer necessary. HOM Staging can help you stage your House for Living. Our home staging consultant will assist you in the entire process of decluttering your entire house, personalizing your decorations, creating Focal Points in every room and suggest on minor repairs. 

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